Thursday, July 30, 2015

Introduction to software programming

Programming Tutorial Series 1
Introduction to software programming

Q) What is software programming?
A) In short , software programming is a process that turns human understandable programming language code / instructions into something that is understand by machine.

Q) What are the requirements to be a programmer ?
A) Short answer : Based on my personal experience, passion, patience, dedication and skills.
Long answer : Passion is the driving force for anyone to do anything, if you are passionate about something, you will certainly do your best.

One need to be patience in order to learn the programming skills, have to be patience to think about the programming flows, have to be patience to do debugging (a terms used to describe the process of finding errors in programming code), and also most importantly, be patience and do not attempt to bang your head against the desk when you cannot found the bugs you are looking for :)

Dedication is a must to complete anything, if you are dedicated, it's almost certain you will complete your jobs.

Skill is the last requirements because with passion, patient and dedication, you will almost certainly acquire the skills needed.

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